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The original Trumptonshire trilogy - Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley - was created using stop motion animation and actual 3D scaled down models. The entire trilogy consisted of 39 x 15-minute episodes. All 39 episodes were first broadcast on BBC1, airing before the midday news. The original footage had to be located – some footage was found in the family's attic and some deep in the archives of BBC Worldwide in Perivale. The restored DVD of Camberwick Green is available to buy through Amazon. Trumpton and Chigley will be released shortly.

Camberwick Green

Camberwick Green was the first children's animated television show to be aired in colour on the BBC, in 1966. Each episode begins with a shot of a musical box which rotates while playing a tune accompanied by the following narration: "Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today?" The lid of the box then opens and the puppet character that is central to the episode emerges. After a brief introduction, the background appears and the story begins. read more about Camberwick Green


"Here is the clock...the Trumpton clock. Telling the time, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trumpton" Although all of the characters and settings are new, the style of the programme follows the pattern established by Camberwick Green, in which domestic problems are cheerfully resolved by the end of the show, leaving the last minute or so for the Fire Brigade to become the Fire Brigade Band and play the episode out. read more about Trumpton


Unlike Trumpton, Chigley includes many guest appearances by characters from the previous two series, including Windy Miller of Camberwick Green and the Trumpton fire brigade, complete with their famous roll-call. This was at least partly for economic reasons, as it allowed the established characters' theme songs to be re-used, thus saving money on recording. read more about Chigley

The Creators

The model characters were eight-inches tall (without their hats). Their heads were made of ping-pong balls, and clothes out of foam latex. The original filming took place at the home of uncle and nephew, Bob Bura and John Hardwick, in Crouch End, London. It later moved to a disused church also in Crouch End. The narration and singing were courtesy of Brian Cant – the only voice you ever hear in all three series. The creator, Gordon Murray, who celebrated his 94th birthday this year, decided to restore and digitise the trilogy for future generations to enjoy. read more about the creative team


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