Unlike Trumpton, Chigley includes many guest appearances by characters from the previous two series, including Windy Miller of Camberwick Green and the Trumpton fire brigade, complete with their famous roll-call. This was at least partly for economic reasons, as it allowed the established characters' theme songs to be re-used, thus saving money on recording.

Notable new characters include Mr Swallow of Treddle's Wharf, Mr Cresswell, owner of Cresswell's Chigley Biscuit factory, Harry Farthing the potter and his daughter Winnie and, last but not least, the aristocratic Lord Belborough of Winkstead Hall and his butler Brackett, who also operate a private railway that seems to run through most of Trumptonshire.

As with the other series, everybody's problems appear to be sorted out by the end of each episode. However, then Lord Belborough orders everyone to the grounds of Winkstead Hall after the 6 o'clock whistle which sounds the end of the day's work at the local biscuit factory. Belborough plays his vintage organ, while the workers gather for a dance and the episode fades out.


  1. No.1 - "Lord Belborough's Secret" (6 October 1969) Dr Mopp
  2. No.2 - "Bessie to the Rescue" (13 October 1969) Farmer Bell
  3. No.3 - "The Balloon" (20 October 1969) The Mayor
  4. No.4 - "The Fountain" (27 October 1969) PC McGarry
  5. No.5 -  "The Garden Wall" (3 November 1969) Mr Crockett
  6. No.6 - "Binnie and Bessie" (10 November 1969) Roger Varley
  7. No.7 - "Lord Belborough's Lucky Day" (17 November 1969) Thomas Tripp
  8. No.8 - "The Broken Bridge" (24 November 1969) Mr Carraway
  9. No.9 - Clay for Mr Farthing" (1 December 1969) Mr Wantage and Fred
  10. No.10 - "Trouble with the Crane" (8 December 1969) Mr Rumpling
  11. No.11 - "Apples Galore" (15 December 1969) Mickey Murphy
  12. No.12 - "Willie Munn" (22 December 1969) Mr Clamp
  13. No.13 - "A Present for Lord Belborough" (29 December 1969) Mr Antonio


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